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Langman Holidays & was incorporated in Singapore and has begun to swing into taking in customers and traveler from various places. Since its inception, we have grown from strength to strength both in our capability as well as our ability to deliver quality products and services that meets the requirements of all our valued customers.

Langman Travel is focused on providing Chinese tourists with one-stop grounded companion travel services in Singapore and surrounding cities and oceans. Its business content mainly includes: private customization, team visas, hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, tour guide services, local chartered cars, dining arrangements Exhibition preparation, boat tickets, and study abroad and immigration consultation.

Langman Travel is the core supplier of Ctrip’s customized Singapore destination and the exclusive supplier of Singapore destinations in Tuniu parent-child segment. Partners include Ctrip, Tuniu, Ant Cell, Maitao Family, Tongcheng, Wufang Holidays, Kanghui Travel, Jiangsu The Mathematics Association, Shenzhen Hualei Art School, Taiyuan Kangda Education, Nanjing Zhengren Art School and some government and enterprise institutions have won wide acclaim and high praise.

Pursuing excellent service quality, Langman Travel is committed to providing tourists with in-depth travel services with excellent value for money, allowing tourists to go from superficial sightseeing to deep understanding, and to understand the local history, culture, customs and customs through in-depth travel, and experience the uniqueness of different regions Cultural heritage, so as to increase experience, adjust temperament, and enhance the realm. In the in-depth tourism, tourists can not only completely relax and fully enjoy the holiday, but also get a new experience through the personal experience and bold exploration of natural beauty and artistic style.

The featured tourism products of Nanyang International Travel include but are not limited to:

• Family travel, family travel, couple travel and other leisure travel products
• Business trips, academic conferences, business receptions and other business trip products
• Themed itineraries for study tours, summer (winter) camps, short-term training groups, talent exchange groups, etc.
• Alumni party tour, wedding honeymoon tour, senior medical examination tour, sports competition tour and other special tourist products
• High-end or ultra-high-end luxury travel products such as golf, yacht club, Club Med, F1 events, etc.
• Value-for-money grouping, economical (starting group at destination, grouping at destination)

In order to facilitate the business contact of domestic partners, a domestic office is established.

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